“Books recommended for WBCS preparation”

Books recommended for WBCS

History: Class XI-XII History book by Jiban Mukhopadhay, A Brief History of Modern India by Spectrum Publication and NCERT old by Bipan Chandra. Krishna Reddy is also a useful book with lots of info.

Geography: Though Physical Geography is not in the syllabus of WBCS, the reading of Certificate Physical and Human Geography by Goh Cheng Leong gives a depth of knowledge of geography and helps in better understanding of the subject, for Indian Part: Geography of India by Majid Husain or India: A Comprehensive Geography by D.R.Khullar. For West Bengal Part, read Class VI and X West Bengal Board Books. Go for new editions. For Bengali medium, go for Ghosh and Misra class 9 and 10 WB board Old book.

Indian Polity: Indian Polity by Laxmikanth is a must, Introduction to the Constitution of India by D D Basu after completing Laxmikanth if possible. For Bengali medium,  Anadi Mahapatra is a good book, D D Basu is also available in Bengali version.

Indian Economy including role and functions of Reserve Bank of India: Indian Economy : For Civil Services Examinations by Ramesh Singh and NCERT Macro Economics of Class XII. For Bengali medium, go for Joydeb Sarkhel’s BA Economics book which covers Indian economics part very well.

Science and Environment: Environment Book by Shankar IAS Academy and Class IX-XII Science books of NCERT and WB Board.

Current Affairs and General Knowledge: Follow one magazine and Daily Newspaper e.g. The Hindu/ The Times of India, India Year Book and Monoroma Year Book. Lucent’s General Knowledge. Read Yojana for better understanding of government schemes, public service, governance and social issues.

English: Start with Norman Lewis Vocabulary book and read a lot of English news papers and magazines to improve English writing and comprehension skill. Refer PK De Sarkar’s book for Grammar.

Mathematics and Reasoning: Practice class IX-X level math problems from your own board books. Then go for K C Nag books and Kiran Publication’s practice set book /R S Agarwal’s book.

Along with this NCERT from class IX-XII is mandatory for all subjects. If you have enough time, start from Class VI NCERT books onwards.

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