Important Words Meaning Useful for One Word Substitutions


  1. Altruist——->one who considers the happiness and well –being of others first.
  2. Amnesty——>General pardon of political offenders.
  3. Atheist———>one who does not believe in God.
  4. Anarchy ———>A state of complete lawlessness.
  5. Anthropology——->the study of evolution of man.
  6. Autobiography ——>the life history of a person written by himself.
  7. Arsenal ——–>A place for ammunition and weapons.
  8. Archive ——>A place where government or public records are kept.
  9. Aquatic ———->Animals/plants which live in water.
  10. Amphibian ———>Animals which live both on land and water.
  11. Ambidexter——->one who can use both hands equally well.
  12. Alimony ———->Allowance paid to wife on legal separation.
  13. Authology———>A collection of poems.
  14. Arbitrator ———>A person appointed by two parties to solve a dispute.

  1. Biennial ———>An event which happensonce in two years.
  2. Bibliophile ———->A lover and collector of books.
  3. Bouquet ———–> A collection of flowers.
  4. Bigamy ———>the practice of having two wives at a time.
  5. Belligerent ———>A person or nationn involved in a war.
  6. Blasphemy ———-> The act of speaking disrespectfully about secred things.
  7. Bureaucracy ———>………………….
  8. Butcher ———->A person who slaughters animals.
  9. Cosmopolitan ——> A person who regerds whole world as his country.
  10. Carnivorous ———->one who lives on flesh.
  11. Cannibals ———>one feeds on human flesh.
  12. Contemporary ———->Belonging to or living at the same time.
  13. Colleague ————>Those who work in the same depertment .
  14. Cynosure ———–>centre of attraction.
  15. Connoisseur ————>A critical judge of any art and craft.

    1. Domicile ———>A place where one lives permanently.
    2. Dermatology ———>one who treats skin diseases.
    3. Extempore ———>speech without preparation.
    4. Elegy ———>A poem of lamentation.
    5. Epitaph ———->words which are inscribed on the grave or tomb in the memory of the buried.
    6. Effeminate ——–>A person who possess the qualities women.
    7. Emegrant ——–>one who leaves a country to live in anather.
    8. Edible ——–>Fit to be eaten.

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