IB ACIO II / Exam 2017 Tier 1 exam Answer Keys

Answer Keys of IB ACIO II / Exe 2017 Tier 1 exam held on 15/10/17

1.The average price of 80 mobile…: C. 19000

  1. Right answer not in the options: It should be 22000
  2. Pranav went to the bank….: A. 24 km/h
  3. The average expenditure of Mr. Sharma…: B. Rs.3250
  4. At the end of a business….: B. 45
  5. The average presence of students….: C. 60
  6. Suresh started his journey…: D. 19.2 km
  7. Ramesh walked 6 km…: D. 4 km/h
  8. Bala travels first one- third…: A. 18 km/h
  9. The distance of the school…: C. 20 km/h
  10. Anita goes to college…: D. 10 km
  11. Two places R & S…: D. 3:2
  12. Two places R & S…: C. 240 km
  13. Ajay covers certain distance…: C. 1500 km
  14. The driver of an ambience….: B. 12 km/h
  15. Two rabbit starts running…: A. 20 Km/h
  16. Pranav walked at 5 km/h…: C. 150 km
  17. 5,12, __,41, 87, 214: C. 22
  18. 14, __,13. 17.5,21.75: B. 12
  19. 15,5,4.5, 5.8,7.9: D. 10.74
  20. Find the sum of first 30 natural numbers….: C. 465
  21. 56% of Y….: C. 325
  22. Which of the following two ratios…:B. 10/11
  23. Wrong Question.
  24. Right answer not in the options: It should be 48800

26.2017 India ASEAN Youth Summit:  C. Bhopal

  1. navika sagar parikrama, Name if sail boat: D. INSV Tarini
  2. First Cyber Court in Asia: B. China
  3. Power Grid got a loan of $500 million from: A. Asian Development Bank
  4. ICC ODI top batsman in ranking of August: A. Virat Kohli
  5. Silver in Javelin through in Para-Olympics: D. Rinku Hooda
  6. Requisition and Acquisition of Immovable Property Act: A. 1952
  7. Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy: D. Andhra Pradesh
  8. The best example of extinction of species due to human…: B. Dodo
  9. Sunlight use in direct fashion in. A. Photo Voltaic Cell. (Solar Thermal Cells does not use sunlight in direct fashion)
  10. WWWW, 4th W stands for: B. Worm
  11. IPv6 has a size of: B. 128 bits
  12. The Constitution of India recognizes: C. Religious and Linguistic minorities.

39.Highest no. of Hindus employed in which Mughal Emperor’s rule. C. Shah Jahan

  1. The Mansabdari System of Akbar Borrowed from: D. Persia
  2. Who witnessed the reign of eight Delhi sultans: D. Amir Khusrau
  3. The President of India referred the Ayodha Case to SC: A. 143
  4. Right to Privacy as a Fundamental Right is implied in: B. Right to life and Personal Liberty. (Asked in ICSGWBCS mock test)
  5. The interval between two sessions of Parliament: B. 6 Months
  6. Inflation in India: C. Decreased money circulation helps in controlling the inflation
  7. Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers: C. The Labour Bureau
  8. Golden Revolution: D. Horticulture
  9. A Country is said to be in Debt trap: B. It has to borrow to make interest payment on outstanding loans.
  10. With respect to GST: D. All of the above are correct (Direct from our study material)
  11. India’s current account deficit: C. a and b (Direct from our study material)
  12. the straight lines required: B. 17
  13. Which of the following figure best…..:B. b
  14. Find the number of triangles: D. 27
  15. Of the following statements…..C. I & III
  16. Insert arithmetical signs in the …..: A. +,X
  17. If 84X13=8, 37X13=6, 26X11=6, then 56X22=? C. 7
  18. If = means divide…9+3/4-8*2…..C. 18
  19. the next term of the sequence, 1,8,4,27,9,__ :C. 64
  20. David divides 78 by half…..: C. 167

60.In a knockout football competition 23 teams…..:  C. 22

61.At half past five in the evening, the smaller angle…: C. 15⁰

  1. Fill in the blanks, BA_ BA_BAC_ ACB_CBAC : C. CCBA
  2. Angles of a given triangle……: D. Acute Angle

64.The houses of A & B…:  C. Houses of C & D are less than 20 km apart.

65.BEH, DGJ, ___, EJO, GLQ, INS: D. FIL

66.H, V, G, T, F, R, E, P,__: B. D,N

  1. 4.3:10 :: 8:__ : C. 17
  2.  If tour is written as 1234….: D. 5847

69. CALANDER is coded in a code as CLANAEDR….: B. CRIUCALR

  1. (a) Either he is happy or he is poor…..: B. The inference is definitely false
  2. (a) Those who are honest are good teachers…: C. The inference is probably false or true
  3. Based on the following…. Only gentlemen can become members of the club…: B. Some of the officers are not gentlemen.
  4. In a family, there are husband…..: D. Nobody was at home

74.If A is the son of Q,….:  A. P is the maternal uncle of A

  1. There are 5 books A, B, C, D & E placed on a table….: B. B

76. To decamp: D. To leave suddenly

    1. Wrongly matched pair: D. Allude: Escape
    2. Wrong Question.
    3. A Devil’s advocate..: B. A Counter argument presenter
    4. From the horse’s mouth….: A. From an authoritative source
    5. Satish is seated ___ Sunita: B Beside
    6. Incorrect pair…: C. Singularly: Individually
    7. I haven’t studied a lot lately: A. Adverb
    8. Correct sentence: C. Computers save time.
    9. Incorrect sentence: A. None of the minutes was wasted.
    10. Among the two statements….: B. (i) is correct and (ii) is incorrect
    11. Choose the sentence….: A. When will you bring you’re pictures to work?
    12. I __ her speak on……A. Will have heard
    13. Choose an incorrect/ incomplete sentence: A. The children in the park, including all those on the swings.

90.What is not correct…: D. Wine is to bee

91. Opposite of Lascivious…: B. Chaste

92.Repercussion would mean: A. Reaction

93. ___ to go out to an Italian restaurant….: D. Would you like

94. Excuse me, ____ …..: C. Have you got the

95. He likes reading. He was a ___ reader. C. Voracious reader.

96. I remember my sister……: B. I remember being taken to the museum by my sisters.

97. ‘To make a clean breast of’ means: C. To confess everything.

98. ‘To be above board’ means: B. To be honest

99. That which cannot be corrected means: D. Incorrigible

100. State in which the few govern the many is called: B. Oligarchy


“In an announcement on its website on Wednesday, the Home Ministry said: “Due to printing errors in options to question numbers 2, 24, 25 and 78, these questions will not be evaluated and the candidates will be short-listed for the next level on the basis of their performance on remaining questions only.”- The Hindu report of 21/10/17.’

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